Plumbing Repairs

When Plumbing Repairs Crop Up

It is a definite joy to own a home but there is one problem that can overshadow that joy it is ongoing home repairs and maintenance. Plumbing repairs are one such area that needs to be dealt with every now and then. The general trend is that either misuse or disuse can lead to something becoming dysfunctional. Bathrooms and kitchen fixtures are ones that see the most repairs.

The Hidden Layout

While you may find some plumbing repair jobs easy to handle, you will need to call in professional handyman for more complicated repair jobs. Sometimes, complications could arise because the plumbing problem lies in an inaccessible area like underneath the kitchen sink or is a concealed one or even in a basement. At Calvert Handyman and Home Improvement, our professional technicians are trained to deal with the most complex plumbing jobs. Our technicians are well acquainted with various kinds of plumbing systems. There is no guessing involved and they are able to identify the root cause very expertly. This also means that the issue gets fixed faster.

The Common Trouble Areas

When it comes to plumbing, it has been noticed that there are some very common issues that crop up in most homes:

•    Fixture repairs- Faucet repairs in the kitchen and the bathroom are common. This is primarily because they are used several times in a day, right round the year and the wear and tear is higher than most other fixtures in the house. In some cases, if there is a fixture in a particular bathroom in your house that is not used so often, that too can prove to be a problem. This may be an uncomplicated job but needs to be done right anyway. Showerheads and toilets might also need fixing.

Plumbing Repair

•    Leakage- Pipe repair might sometimes be required in a home. This could be caused due to old and rusted plumbing though it is not very common. A lot of plumbing tend to be made of PVC nowadays which does not rust and leak as much as iron one does. External pipes such as the ones that run up the walls of your home or garden pipes that are exposed to the weather are more prone to damage. Extreme weather conditions can lead to contraction and expansion of pipes that could damage them.

•    Clogged Drains- Drain cleaning and drain repair are more common complaints. Drains tend to get blocked with food particles, grease and hair. In some cases, using strong drain-cleaners might unclog it, whilst in other situations you might just have to call in a plumber to clear the clog.

Plumbing is a specialized job and if there is a clogged drain or a leak under the sink or a damp stain on the ceiling in your house, it is best to have a Handyman service professional come in and handle the job. Have any kind of pipe leakage or other home repairs attended to, immediately.

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