Interior Painting

Liven Up Your Home With Interior Painting

It’s not every day that one buys a home and neither do we get our home painted every now and then. Interior painting generally gets attended to only if there has been severe damage to your wall paint due to furniture marks, wall or ceiling seepage or because small children have tried to use them as a canvas. Of course, if you want to get your home repainted as part of a remodeling job, that would be an even more extensive and time consuming undertaking. Whatever the reason behind your design to get the home repainted, it is undeniable that painting is definitely an important part of home design.

Call In The Expert Painters

With the influx of ready-to-use paints, it can be tempting to DIY a painting job but this is not really something that everyone can handle and it can prove to be a very messy job. At Calvert Handyman and Home Improvement we have talented professionals who can help you with interior design ideas and handle the actual painting job for you. Our skilled painters can paint a room the way you want it. If you have painting ideas we can work around those and if you need help with choosing room colors and concepts, we provide solutions for those as well.

For The Best Results, Opt For The Best Quality Paint

When it comes to paint, opt for the best-quality paint that fits within your budget. The paint itself is not a huge expense and you usually get your money’s worth. When picking shades off a brochure that has little patches of sample colors, remember that what you see on a tiny chip will look very different on a full-size wall in your home. Painting contractors can help you with picking a shade and it is common practice to have a small patch of wall painted in a particular shade and then alter the final choice according to your taste.

Painting Ideas

Though every person will have a certain choice when it comes to picking paint color for their homes, there are a few basic guidelines that can help you make a good choice:

Interior Painting

•    Finish – It is advisable to buy matte paint for the ceilings and walls in most living spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms should be covered in this paint. Semi-gloss paint is a better choice for areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, windows and doors as it is easier to clean and the finish is tougher. Latex or water-based paint is excellent for almost any room in the house. It is fast-drying, washable and extremely durable. Alkyd or oil-based paint can be used for outside doors or windows. You can use solvents to clean it and is highly durable.

•    Colors – Paint color trends change all the time. You can choose to paint the ceiling with the same shade as the walls, or simply paint it white to offset the color in the rest of the room. Darker the color on the walls, lighter the shade on the ceiling is the basic thumb-rule. Orange, reds and yellows lend warmth while blues, greens and purples add calm to the surroundings.

No matter what your choice of paint or room colors, a skilled and experienced handyman contractor can help you bring your dream to fruition.

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