Home Maintenance

The Best Way to Manage Home Maintenance

Just as you go in for a regular health physical, it is important to have a routine for home maintenance. That’s the only way to ensure that your home stays in a good condition. It is important to check the exterior and the interior of the house, the cooling and the heating. You will have to recheck the security as well as the appliances in your home. Apart from this, the electrical systems will also have to be checked and maintained.

That’s a long list and it might seem like a mountain-load of maintenance work but the key lies in creating a time table and phasing out all the chores.  In case you are too busy, you can always hire the services of a home maintenance company like Calvert Handyman to keep your home in ship-shape. We provide preventive maintenance services and home repair works and we also inspect your home on a monthly basis.

If you prefer to handle some basic jobs yourself, here is a quick home maintenance checklist that will help you along the way:

•    Check the furnace filter and remove any dust build-ups you find there. This will also help in regulating the temperature in your home and reduce your electricity bills
•    Check the heating  system
•    Check the fireplace(if you have one), for hazards or damage
•    Seal all the gaps or cracks in doors and windows with weather stripping or caulk
•    Touch up all exterior siding with paint or trim
•    Clear out debris and leaves from downspouts and gutters
•    Winterize and drain exterior plumbing
•    Clean carpets
•    Vacuum out the lint from the dryer vent
•    Check the smoke detector and ensure that it is working (replace batteries if required)
•    Dust the light fixtures

Home Maintenance

Handyman Services

•    Check hardware and fix loose locks or squeaky hinges and handles
•    Check all the electrical wiring in and outside your home
•    Check plumbing and replace or repair all leaky faucets and pipes
•    Check the exterior plaster of your home for cracks in the paint and retouch those
•    Check the walkway or the pathway and see if it needs to be attended to

In addition to all the points that have been mentioned above, there are a lot of other things that need to be attended to in a home or something will break down. The important thing about property maintenance is to attend to the issue the minute you notice it. This will prevent it from escalating and will end up saving you a lot of money. Keep the number of a good handyman services company easily accessible. This will help you get help in any kind of emergency situation.

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