Outdoor Home Maintenance

Outdoor Home Maintenance

Summer is the best time of the year to undertake any kind of home remodeling, home repair or home maintenance work. It may feel unnecessary as there is no risk of rain leaking through a crack or fungus collecting on the deck this season. However, the fact is preventive maintenance is best. Why wait until something happens?

At Calvert Handyman, we offer a number of home improvement, home repair and maintenance solutions at a very competitive price. Call our office to schedule an appointment to take care of your repair needs.

How to Get Started

Always start by carrying out a home inspection in order to figure out what areas need to be repaired and maintained. Remember that property maintenance can be a difficult task so the best way is to have a home inspection checklist. This will allow you to note down all the areas that need home renovation or repairs and you can prioritize tasks, buy material collectively and make a plan as to how you want to go about the home repairs. A checklist is also great if you plan on hiring a handyman to do the job since it will give him a clear picture of what has to be done and it will finish the entire process a lot faster.

Priority Areas for Outdoor Maintenance

When you get started with your outdoor maintenance, there are a few priority areas that you should remember to look into.

•    Fixing Siding: Siding often gets loose and you may have a few sheets that have fallen off sometime over the year. This is the best time to buy new siding or fix back any loose sheets.

Outdoor Home Maintenance

•    Wood Rot Repair: The winter is just over and there may be water collected in wooden furniture or on the deck. This water can often lead to rotting of the wood if the wood has not been treated properly. You need to get this wood repaired and treated.

•    Exterior Caulking: Even though caulking is one of the cheapest home improvement jobs, a lot of people tend to overlook it and then suffer as a result. Summer is the best time to caulk all the areas where the masonry work meets any kind of siding. These areas include the window and door frames, the small space that is kept for wires to enter the house etc.

•    Exterior Painting: Ensure that you inspect all the exterior walls of your home and check if the paint is peeling off any of the walls. Peeling paint usually means that the current coat of paint can no longer protect the siding of the walls. You should get this checked as soon as you can and have it repainted.

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