Framing During Construction

Whether you are building a new house, going in for a house renovation or simply remodeling your home, framing during the construction stage is extremely important and you want to make absolutely sure that you have hired the right remodeling contractor to do the work.

At Calvert Handyman, we have had a lot of experience with home remodeling and construction framing. Most importantly, we know how to finish a basement and make it waterproof so that no moisture leaks in. Call us today and we’d be glad to offer and implement several home improving ideas.

Why is Construction Framing Important?

This stage of the construction is very important for two reasons. Firstly, it is the stage where you can make changes to any of your floor plans or the home construction without major disruption or without too much cost. For example, if you want to change an entire floor plan, you can do so without a problem during this stage.

Secondly, this stage is ideal for straightening concrete. This means that if you find any kind of humps or uneven parts, you can get them straightened out immediately without having to tear apart half the house. And ensuring that everything has been done right in this stage gives you a major advantage later on. For instance, if there are humps in the walls or if the walls are not level, the guys who have to fit your cabinets will have a tough time later. Future home improvement ideas may also suffer as a result since it is a long and expensive process to get rid of these problems in the future.

How Can You Keep A Check?

You do not need to be a professional to be able to spot any problems with the construction framing. Whether you are going for a complete home construction or even if you are finishing your basement, all you need to do is keep a check on the work.

Remember these key words: Straight, level, plumb and square. Check for any humps in the walls and get them smoothened out so that the walls are straight. You can do this by placing a straight-board along the wall horizontally. If the other wall boards are more than ¼’’ away from your straight-board, have them replaced.


Uneven boards will be a big problem everywhere, including on the exterior walls. Any boards which have more than 3/8’’ of a crown should also be changed. This will automatically reduce the number of wall boards which will be needed. The ‘square’ part is extremely important in places like the kitchen and the bathroom where you need the perfect edged corners.

A home repair can take a lot of time and energy. Even though you may not want to be directly involved with the carpentry aspect, just keeping a check every once in a while can be a big help. You can then point out problems and fix them at the construction stage instead of remodeling your house again and again. It saves money and a lot of time in the future. If the framing is done well at this stage, the rest of the renovation will also be much quicker because your cabinets, furniture etc. can be fitted easily and quickly on to the smooth walls and into the perfect corners.

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