Remodeling Addition

Why Remodeling Addition Is A Good Investment

With the real estate slump in the market, a lot of people are holding onto their homes and not moving out as often as they used to. Considering you are likely to spend a lot more time in one place, it makes sense to take part in a bit of home renovation once in a while. Not only will you enjoy your house more but certain kinds of home renovation are great investments because they will add a lot of value to your home when you’re selling it.

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Remodeling The Kitchen

While looking at different kitchen ideas, try to figure out ways to benefit your home without putting in a deluxe kitchen. Deluxe kitchens cost a lot more and the style of the kitchen may not go with your house. Your kitchen design should always fit in with the rest of the house. The easiest way to start your kitchen renovation would be to get it painted. Paint is one thing that will make a huge difference in the way the kitchen looks and it is also one of the cheapest ways to renovate. Low-VOC paint is a good option for those who want to go eco-friendly and don’t want to inhale paint fumes.

Next, look at the appliances in the kitchen. If you have planned your remodeling at a time when appliances are at their lowest price, you can change some of the older appliances and opt for new ones that save energy.

Remodeling Addition

Remodeling The Bathroom

If your house has a single bathroom, you may want to look at adding another bathroom if you have the space. In fact, any unused space can be converted into an extra bathroom, including a cupboard under the stairs! The average amount of space you would need is 18 square feet for a half bath and 30 square feet for a full bath (35 square feet if you want a tub in it). Once you have the space, there are a number of bathroom ideas that you can come up with. For those who are looking at bathroom renovation, look at changing the fittings or the tiles. Adding fancy equipment like a whirlwind bath may be great fun for a while but it is very expensive and will not add much value to the house when you want to sell.

Basement remodeling is another great way to make something useless into a fancy den or an extra room. If you want to add anything to the outside of your house, start with some home repairs like the gutters and drains. You can also change some house plans and add a deck or build a sunroom.

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