Door Installation

Door Installation Depends on the Door Type

The type of door you require will depend on the room it is going to be fitted in, the functionality, aesthetics and the budget that you are working on. There are different types of doors and a range of materials may be used in making them and the door installation of each will be different too. 

At Calvert Handyman, we can help with all types of door installation. We have years of experience in this field.

Types of Doors

Here are some of the more common types of doors that you can choose from:

•    Slab Doors– These can be rectangular pieces of wood, composite material or metal and are available in a range of standard dimensions. These types of doors will be sold without any hinges or hardware. Slab doors can be flush, raised panel and recessed/ flat panel.
•    French Door – French doors have either divided or solid glass that is surrounded by an outer frame. The most common type of French doors are the double doors that have divided glass “lites,”. These doors are also available as single-door units. They allow plenty of light to enter a room from outdoors or to pass from one room to the next, inside a building.
•    Storm Doors– These are exterior doors that are hung on the outside of the solid exterior door. It may be made of glass surrounded by a wooden frame and is used as insulation and protection. It also adds lights to the indoors as it is made of glass.

Door Installation

•    Patio Doors- Patio Doors are made of 2 to 4 large, glass-panel doors which glide horizontally in the lower and upper tracks. These doors are utilized whenever easy access to the patio, pool or any other outdoor living space is required. Every panel functions on the rollers and allows ease of operation. Current day glass patio doors are all manufactured with double-pane glass and some of them also feature argon gas that is injected between these panes to improve insulation and energy efficiency.
•    Sliding Glass Doors- These slide on a track and get aligned against a wall. They are great space-savers. When this kind of a door slides into a recess in a wall, it is called a pocket door.
•    Bi-fold Closet Door- This kind of door has hinged leaves that effectively glide along the upper track. They fold onto the adjacent one when they are opened.

These are just some of the varieties and there are many other styles and types that can be installed. Doors will generally have to be customized as the sizes of door openings will differ from one place to the other.

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