Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are no longer just where the cooking happens; kitchens are one of the main living rooms of the house.  However, not all the kitchens in our old patchwork houses (or even our new houses) are designed well for gatherings, or even for cooking!  Though putting in a new kitchen is more substantial (and more costly, generally) than putting in a new bathroom, it can be well worth the trouble if done right.

Getting it done right is what Calvert Handyman & Home Improvement does.  First, our handyman makes sure you know and like the kitchen that we will install, and then gets it installed, efficiently and professionally.

Before you contact us to schedule a walk-through and an estimate, what are some of the options you should consider?

The appliances and their placement in the kitchen is a big one.  Since you are putting in a new kitchen, it might be time to replace your current refrigerator with something more energy-efficient—ditto with installing a new dishwasher, stove, or icemaker.  Calvert Handyman & Home Improvement can then help you figure out how to arrange those appliances to best fit your movement patterns in the kitchen.

Another major consideration is how much counter-space you want, where it should go, and which countertop material fits your preferences best.  Whether you choose Granite countertops, Formica, laminate, ceramic tile or natural stone Calvert Handyman & Home Improvement can install them all.  You may want an island for more countertop space, or a bar area for your kitchen, or both.  Sometimes, to open up the kitchen and find space for a bar, you may want to take out a non-structural wall or cut a window between the kitchen and the dining or living room.

But that’s the beauty of working closely with a professional remodeler—there are often more options and more exciting options than you have yet considered!

Of course, a new kitchen usually means new cabinetry, and Calvert Handyman & Home Improvement can install whichever set of kitchen cabinets you choose, whether Merillat, Thomasville, KraftMaid, or others.


Often, along with cabinets, you will want to consider decorative kitchen organizers for hanging things like your pots and pans, utensils, and glassware.

And, as with bathroom remodeling, you can’t forget your floors, ceilings, and walls.  What type of flooring will go best with your countertops and your new cabinets?  What about adding some appropriate crown molding to the ceilings, picking some wainscoting, and finding the wallpaper print or paint color that adds the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen’s new look?  Again, you may want to think through lighting choices that can make the kitchen both a functional workspace and a warm friendly place, choosing wall sconces, recessed lighting, track lighting, or some combination of lighting styles for your different kitchen lives.

Whatever you ultimately choose, Calvert Handyman & Home Improvement will be a good guide.  Our handyman can help you prepare the recipe and, as a remodeling chef, can cook up your best gourmet kitchen.  Contact us to get the process started.

Kitchen Remodeling
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