Property Maintenance

Practical Property Maintenance

For any landlord or landowner, property maintenance is a legal binding. If you own a building and have let out parts of it or even the entire building to tenants, the basic property management is still your responsibility. Just as tenants are not permitted to undertake any large-scale interior designing jobs within a rented space, so also it is the job of the owner to see that all home repairs and upkeep of the property is taken care of. Ideally, if there is any plumbing, electrical, carpentry or painting work that has to be undertaken on a rental home/office, the landlord has to ensure that it gets done.

Get Professional Home Maintenance Services

Maintaining large commercial property or even a single residential building is not an easy job. If one home that has 4 members needs regular upkeep, maintenance of a building that has a 100 people living in it takes its toll on the infrastructure. Calvert Handyman and Home Improvement provide home maintenance and handyman services on a per-need and contractual basis. Our contracts cover regular jobs such as cleaning and housekeeping as well as specialty services such as roof repairs, plumbing, window-cleaning, lawn management and chimney cleaning. Home remodeling, plumbing, electrical and furniture repairs are generally undertaken on a per-need basis and can be handled on an urgent request as well.

Basic Home & Property Checks

Any home or property, no matter how big or small, needs to be maintained well. Especially when you have tenants of varying personalities, there is no control on the manner in which they will use the facilities and space that is provided to them. In addition to this, there is always the hanging sword of maintenance inspectors who come in on a regular basis to conduct maintenance checks on the property. In some cases, property insurance and taxes may escalate due to negligence in maintenance that leads to property damage.

Early summer and spring brings in additional complaints of infestations and mice in certain areas and mold and damp are often the bane of the winter months.

Property Maintenance

Regularity In Checking Property

When you sign up for a home maintenance contract, there are a few points that you might want to add to the list of jobs that you wish the contractors to undertake for you:

•    Checking the air vents in the building or house
•    Under-house pipe checks
•    Plumbing in all the kitchens and bathrooms.
•    Checking creaky boards and furniture in case of furnished apartments
•    Checking walls and woodwork for termite and white ant infestation
•    Maintaining and checking all the wiring and electrical equipment
•    Heating equipment checks
•    Lawn mowing and shrub trimming
•    Window and roof cleaning
•    Drain-pipe and sewer duct checks

Though these are some of the basic things that should be covered in your home maintenance contract, there should be a clear-cut understanding that all additional home repair jobs will be handled by the same company. It is always best to have a professionally run company to handle all maintenance jobs in your home or building.

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