Sheds Help You Shed The Storage-Weight Off

A garden can be a great value add-on to your home. It lends a sense of space and the greenery with the grass, hedge or shrubs that you grow there, and help in imbuing your immediate surroundings with a soothing effect. However, having and maintaining a garden is not an easy task. The grass will need to be mowed, the shrubs and hedges will need trimming and you will need a basic supply of garden equipment, soil, manure and pesticides. In most cases your garage, basement or the storage space under a stairway may be used to store all these necessary things.

At Calvert Handyman and Home Improvement, we have skilled and experienced professionals who can build a shed right in your backyard and help solve all your outdoor storage requirements. We offer excellent storage building solutions that will suit your budget and your need. The shed plans that we work out for you range from the basic to the most stylish and elegant.

Benefits Of Building A Garden Shed

A garden shed is a very utilitarian space and one that any house with a garden should have. It acts as a supplemental storage facility and does not stress the existing storage areas in your garage or home. Garden equipment can either turn dysfunctional or rust when it is kept exposed to the elements over a long period of time.

A storage shed is a practical alternative to stuffing your garage with lawn maintenance tools as well as any garden supplies that you may want to stock up on. Sheds can be made up of a variety of materials:

•    Metal Sheds- These are a very basic variety of sheds and are easy to assemble and maintain. They are made from galvanized metal, are affordable and assure efficient weather-protection. If you live in an area that is prone to rough weather, you can opt for gable supports. These will add extra strength to the structure. They are long-lasting and functional and strategically placed storage shelves on the inside can provide help with organizing the space in a better manner. These sheds are generally not more than 5-6 feet in height.

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•    Plastic Sheds- Plastic sheds are very functional and outlast most weather stressors. They are made of an ultra-durable polyethylene plastic and some varieties are also reinforced with steel to help them withstand the unavoidable bumps that take place when the garden equipment is being moved around. The steel also helps in weathering storms. They can go up to 8-9 feet in height.

•    Wood Sheds- These are slightly more elaborate structures that have larger internal spaces and some might even have a loft storage that automatically adds to its height. A wood shed plan can be made simple if necessary with basic walls, an entrance and a roof and then the slightly fancy ones may have an additional door or windows as well.

When you have a well-planned home having a garden shed is a must-have. Your choice of shed will depend upon your budget, the space you have and the look you opt for.

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