Flooring That Will Catch Your Fancy

A lot of us may have put off home remodeling plans categorically because of the time and trouble that we will have to go through when the work is underway. There was a time when getting your flooring replaced was a daunting proposition. Fortunately, today there are reputed handyman services available to take care of all our home repair and remodeling requirements.

Hiring the services of a well established company such as Calvert Handyman and Home Improvement can mean a stress-free home remodeling experience for you. We realize that getting your home renovated should give you a certain amount of pleasure and happiness and that it should not be something you put off due to the trouble factor that is attached to it. Even when you want something as extensive as floor installation done in your home, our customized and efficient service will leave you impressed.

A Mind-Boggling Variety

When it comes to flooring there is a large variety of material options that you can choose from. The advantage to this is that you now have a choice and don’t have to settle for material that does not match your taste or budget. The one you pick can match the interiors of your home to the hilt. The commonly used flooring materials are:

•    Wood Floors- Wood is a time-tested and classic flooring material. Depending on the furniture in your home, you can choose a wood floor made of oak, teak, pine or maple. These are available in a range of textures and you and mix-and-match different varieties of wood for that unique touch. You can opt for a hardwood floor, a multi-layered engineered floor or a wood laminate one.


•    Laminate Floors- In case you like the look of wood but cannot use it in certain areas due to the condition of the existing floor or because of budget constraints, laminate flooring is a good substitute. They are available in various styles and as many species and colors as wood. Their fusing material make them last longer than traditional wood flooring and they can be used in bathroom flooring and kitchen flooring installation.
•    Vinyl Floors- These are generally available in tile form. They are an excellent choice for family rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, are available in numerous patterns and colors and last for years.
•    Ceramic Floors- Once used exclusively as bathroom and kitchen floor material, ceramic tiles are now available in various textures, shades and colors and add a chic look to your living room and bedroom areas as well.

In addition to these, there are also carpets, cork, stone, parquet and slate tile varieties that can make the choice even more difficult. Opt for a look that matches your style, a price that suits your budget and a flooring material that is long-lasting, easy to install and maintenance-free.

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