Repair Wooden Porch And Rails

A porch railing often suffers a lot of wear and tear and you will notice it starting to rot after a while. Even though a wooden post looks great, it does need to be taken care of regularly. Should you attempt to do this yourself? The truth is, unless you have had some experience with mending your own porch railing it is a better idea to call in a professional as this can be quite a tricky area.

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Ideally, you should check your railings every few months to see if any of the wood has started to rot. Rotting wood is very unhealthy for the people living in the house. Rotted wood also looks very bad and since the front porch is the first place that visitors will see of your house, the first impression should be as nice as possible.

Here is what is involved with replacing old, rotting porch columns and railings.

First Step:The Railings are Measured Carefully

Measuring the railings correctly is the most important first step. Getting the measurements wrong will mean having to do the whole thing over and over again. The parts of the deck railing that are going to be replaced need to be measured carefully and the new railing will have to be the exact same measurement.

Wooden Porch And Rails

Second Step: The Old Railing are Removed

The old rotted railing is removed without disturbing any of the other porch columns or wooden posts. If any of them have also started to rot, it is better to replace them at the same time instead of having to repeat the process again in a few months.

Third Step: The Railing is Replaced

During this stage, the new railing is cut to the exact size of the railing that is being replaced. The new railing should fit snugly when attached to the porch post. Once it is in place, it will be secured firmly either with screws or a nail gun. It is most important that it is sturdy and secure so that it can take the weight of people leaning on it.

Fourth Step: The Railing Is Painted

Once the new railing is put in place, it is time to paint it. It can either be painted the same color as the rest of the front porch or this may be the perfect time to give the entire porch a brand new look with a new paint job!

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