Kitchen Cabinets Installation

Best Method Of Kitchen Cabinets Installation

The process of kitchen cabinets installation follows all the basic carpentry rules. The final result should be square, straight and strong. Of course, kitchen cabinets can be stylistic but you should not forget that this is one area that sees a lot of use. Irrespective of what the kitchen design is the craftsmanship has to be sturdy to ensure that the cabinets last for a long time. You don’t want to be dealing with hinges that loosen or handles that come off. For this reason, kitchen cabinets installation is best handled by professionals.

Expert Installation

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Installation procedure

If the construction of the house is new, the subfloors will generally be in a good condition and will provide a flat and study surface for the base cabinets to sit on. It’s the same for walls that have been newly erected. Current day construction practices and engineered lumber products ensure that the walls are true and plumb.

Base cabinet installation is typically not a very difficult task. The very first step is to spot the highest area on the kitchen floor. You should make a coordinating point at that level on one of the walls that will have the cabinet. Drawing a straight line to the wall and marking the upper level of the floor cabinets will ensure that all of them are installed at the same height and that the counter top will have no slope.

When you decide on kitchen remodeling plans, the base cabinets are generally secured to each other before they are attached to the walls. You can use standard bar clamps to ensure that every cabinet has been secured properly before you actually install the fasteners.

Kitchen Cabinets Installation

You will find that professional installers use an implement called the “cabinet claw”. Its front clamp aligns them so that they are flush with the adjacent one and the jaws actually pull the face frames of the cabinets together.

The finishing touches

Before the cabinets are secure to the wall, the installer will always check the alignment against the line that has been drawn on the wall. They must be level across the top-surface and perfectly vertical from bottom to the top. Once you are sure that the cabinets are leveled properly, they can be affixed to the wall. The fasteners should be driven from the cabinets, into the wall-studs.

The doors, drawer and hardware installation is the final touch to your modern kitchen. Whenever any kitchen cabinets are being installed the final finish is as important as the main carpentry work is. You can opt for ready-to-install cabinets or order custom made ones.

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