Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood Flooring Installation

If you have decided to change the flooring in your home, hardwood flooring is a very popular option. Investing in hardwood flooring needs a little preparation time and it needs proper installation so that you are not faced with any trouble later.

At Calvert Handyman and Home Improvement, we ensure that you have completely skilled professionals who will install the wood floors so that they are installed perfectly and will keep you stress-free throughout the process. Whether you wanted to get your kitchen flooring down or place hardwood over the entire house, we guarantee that you will have beautiful hardwood flooring installation thanks to our professionals.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

There are four different ways in which you can get your flooring done.

• Floating kind of Flooring: When you choose this type, there are no nails used to hold down the wooden planks to the floor. Hardwood flooring installation is done by placing a thin sheet on the original floor and then using a specific type of glue which sticks the wooden planks to the sheet.
• Stapling: A pneumatic gun is used to staple the wooden planks to the floor. This is done using staples which vary between 1inch and 2inches in length. Since only certain staple guns are recommended to be used on floors, professionals know which guns are okay to be used during this process.
• Nailing: A wood flooring nail gun is used in order to attach planks to the ground. This type of flooring is very common and has been used for hardwood flooring installation for a long time. However, nailing can only be done when there are wooden subfloors present.
• Gluing: An adhesive is spread across the floor and the wood floor is glued down. This method is often used in parquets where the planks cannot be nailed down or stapled. Laminate flooring is also used in these conditions.

Hardwood Flooring

Getting Prepared

Hardwood flooring can be installed in areas which do not have any flooring or they can even be placed on top of vinyl flooring, ceramic tile flooring or any other existing flooring. Not only will the hardwood floors look much better than your current flooring, they will also last for a long time. However, when you plan to get the hardwood flooring installation, there are is a little preparation needed.

If you already have old flooring which you want removed, Calvert Handyman can remove the old flooring in advance and clean up and remove all the rubble. Ceramic flooring can take some time to rip out. You house will need to be temperature controlled so that the wood floors can be installed properly.

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