Bathroom Remodeling

Whether we buy a basic new house or one that has been on the block for a while, we soon find ourselves dreaming of remodeling.  After all, it is a basic human impulse to improve our living space.  But to do it well and within the budget is the tricky part.  Most of us need help in the envisioning, planning, and doing of any major remodeling project, and this, too, is where Calvert Handyman & Home Improvement can help your remodeling goals and dreams become a solid reality.

Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you bought a house with a basic boring bathroom or inherited a previous homeowner’s “unique” bathroom design, you may be interested in a new bathroom.  And next to kitchens, bathrooms are the spaces that we spend the most time scrutinizing and changing.  But what all do you want changed?  And what kinds of changes are possible? And, above all, how much would that kind of remodeling cost?

Calvert Handyman & Home Improvement can help guide you through the possibilities and the process, and with your plans and your budget, we can build and install everything necessary for your dream bathroom.

What are the possibilities?  Let’s start with your ideal sink, toilet and tub combination.  Pedestal sinks; under counter or above counter, designer sinks and vanities…there is a world of choices out there to match with your house and your aesthetic preferences. Once you have chosen those basic functioning parts of the bathroom, you can decide on cabinets, tile color, flooring, ceiling, walls, wainscoting, and other features.

If you are going to put in a new bathroom, this may be the time, also, to consider putting in a whirlpool bathtub, Jacuzzi tub, or walk-in tub.  Because of the unique challenges of installing these larger and more energy-demanding tubs, you need a service like Calvert Handyman & Home Improvement both to help you understand the costs and benefits and to install your tub expertly. 

Bathroom Remodeling

A final possibility for a bathroom remodeling is the lighting.  The type and placement of lighting in your bathroom can make all the difference—it can complement your choice of designs and colors or cancel them out.

Talk to us about different options in lighting, especially recessed lighting and bathroom wall sconces.  Types and placement of mirrors are also important choices toward that perfect bathroom.

Contact Calvert Handyman & Home Improvement to schedule your walk-through and estimate.

Bedroom and Closet Remodeling

Closets are our houses’ most hidden spaces, but if they are too small or barely functional, they can be a constant irritant and a stumbling block in a house’s salability.  Bedrooms, too, are pretty basic, but important.  Both of these simple types of rooms can be so much more, with better use of space, redone floors and ceilings, designer or energy-efficient windows, and more.

Talk to us about your goals and dreams for these low-key rooms also.

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