Deck Staining

Why Regular Deck Staining Is Important

Deck staining offers two very important benefits – it enhances the look of your wood deck and it also increases the life of the wood that has been used for building it. These stains are formulated to beautify the wood and also to protect the deck from rotting and warping. Wood stain is available in a various colors, can be matched to the color of the wood and can complement the look of the exterior of your home. When you build a deck, you should be aware that it will require basic maintenance such as staining.

Keep Your Deck Protected With The Experts

A deck is always exposed to the elements and it is critical that it be protected. While it is possible for you to stain the deck yourself it is best to call in the experts to do a thorough job for you. At Calvert Handyman, we have years of experience with deck staining and will do a thoroughly professional job. The entire job is completed at your convenience and our well-trained personnel know how to treat various kinds of wood.

What You Need To Think About Staining Your Deck

The few things that should be taken into consideration are:

• Irrespective of whether the deck is a new or old one, it will have to be cleaned thoroughly before staining it. The job starts with power washing deck procedures. This removes all the mill scale, mildew or mold that might have accumulated on it. Old decks especially have to be cleaned well. This ensures that the stain will be absorbed properly.
• It may also be sanded down lightly to rid it if any roughness or imperfections in texture. Old decks also have the earlier coating of stain on them. This will also be removed with power washing. The deck is then left to dry for a minimum of 24 hours. Once that has been done, it is then coated with the stain a couple of times.

Deck Staining

• Brighteners are used prior to application of the first coat of stain. This particular step happens to be the most neglected one but it is also one that is necessary. These brighteners help in restoring the look of old wood. They will also help in removing any stain stripper-residue that may have been used. The brighteners are sprayed on and then rinsed off.

Other Important Factors

You can choose between a water-based and an oil-based stain. There was a time when the water-based stains were considered to be inferior to the oil-based versions. Today, more people are opting for environment friendly options and water-based stains are definitely it. It is a misconception that decks have to be stained every year. A semiannual cleaning and proper maintenance will ensure that a well-applied stain will last for 2-3 years before it needs re-staining. Wood has a certain capacity to absorb stain and over saturating it will only lead to peeling and flaking. Maintain your deck well, keep it free of dust and mold and you will have a deck that looks good and lasts long too.

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